H&CARE got a grand prize 2019 from The sports Chosun


2019년 3월 5일

World's first HOCL water flosser, Sterilizer Pik, from H&CARE Co., Ltd

H&CARE Co., Ltd is protecting customer's healthy by their products, Hydrogen water tumbler, Mist, and water flosser.

They recently released HOCL water flosser for the first in the world based on their identity and technology. Sterilizer Pik is patented product which use HOCL water with sterilization effect for oral cleansing and proven sterilization effect against real bacteria that grow in the mouth from KCL. Sterilizer Pik can help to prevent gum disease and cavity by using HOCL water.

H&CARE Co., Ltd successfully finished AEEDC 2019 and CDS 2019 this year with Sterilizer Pik, HOCL water flosser.