SILVER PRIZE at International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva


2022년 4월 21일

H&CARE is awarded silver price from 49th International Exhibition of Invention Geneva 2022

H&CARE is awarded Silver Prize at International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva 2022 !

Geneva Invention exhibition is the biggest and global invention exhibition in the world.

For this exhibition, over 1000 case of invention was showed from about 30 country.

Among them, H&CARE awarded silver prize.

H&CARE submitted Sterilizer Pik - (S), First HOCL water flosser, in the exhibition.

This awarded product remove oral bacteria in the mouth by generating HOCL water using electrode

inside the product and able to manage oral health better.

We, H&CARE, won't stop our R&D for our client and customer which we consider best.

Thank you.